Aoshi Fiber & Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Founded in November 1998, Aoshi Fiber & Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of CCTV related products in China. We have specialized in fiber optical transceivers, CCTV products and system solutions for over 13 years. After 13 years’constantly innovation and development, Our company has become China’s 100 top and China’s 10 top the most influential brands in the security field, and had outstanding performances in Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games and Guangdong “Peace City” projects.
Main Products: Contact information
Digital Fiber Optic
Transceivers, CCTV
Cameras(such as IP Cameras,
Box Cameras, Weatherproof
Cameras, IR Cameras, Hidden
Cameras, Fiber High Speed
Dome Cameras, etc.), DVS,
DVR and so on.
Name: Sanny Tan
Tel: 0086-20-22323500
Fax: 0086-20-22323525
Address: No.3 West Guangpu Road,Science City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou city,Guangdong.
Email: aoshi@vip.163.com
Website: www.aoshifiber.com
主打产品 公司介绍
全系列数字非压缩视频、 音频、 数据、 报警、 以太网、 电话光端机、 智能高速球、 迷你高速球、红外智能高速球、 IP网络高清摄像机、 超宽动态摄像机、 模拟高清摄像机等安全防范系统全系列产品。     广州市澳视光电子技术有限公司成立于1988年10月,主要从事光纤设备、安防系列产品的开发及生产与销售三位一体的高新技术科技企业。经过13 年的不断创新和发展,公司发展成为中国安防百强和中国安防最具影响力十大品牌,并在北京奥运会、广州亚运会和广东省“平安城市”等各大项目中表现突出。
联系人: 唐慧敏
电 话: 0086-20-22323500
传 真: 0086-20-22323525
地 址: 广州市天河区天河路592号百脑汇科技大厦A座2512-2513室
邮 箱: aoshi@vip.163.com
网 址: www.aoshifiber.com


Shenzhen protruly Electronics Co.,Ltd
Protruly proction base located in Bao’an district of Shenzhen.Company has professional R&D centre to collect international top R&D engineers,spend huge sum for R&D inputs,dedicate to key technique development and innovation of security products Our company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system, all products has passed China’s Ministry of Public Security and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center detection, and certified under 3C,CE,FCC certificate.
Main Products: Contact information
Lcd Display wall system,Zoom
camera ,Speed dome series ,etc.
Name: Winnie Hu
Tel: 0086-755-29672271
Fax: 0086-755-29672277
Address: Unit 1 ,De Tai Industrial Zone,Hua Rong Road,Da Lang street,Long Hua Town,Bao’an
District ,Shen Zhen
Email: admin@toyani.com
Website: www.protruly.com, www.toyani.com
主打产品 公司介绍
液晶拼接墙、 一体机、 球机, 机芯等。     保千里,专业从事研发、制造各类摄像机、液晶拼接、家居安防产品的高科技安防企业。保千里始终以自主创新、成为核心技术的领导者、赶超世界领先水平为企业的发展纲领,以铸造世界一流的安防企业为奋斗目标。保千里旗下 TOYANI(图雅丽)品牌以高端性能、一流品质在安防市场享有良好声誉。
    保千里生产基地座落于深圳市宝安区。公司拥有专业的科研开发中心,汇集光机电等国际顶 尖研发工程师,斥巨资用于研发投入,致力于安防系列产品的核心技术开发及自主创新;公司还聘请了业界优秀的顾问策划专家,并拥有一支稳定、专业、高素质的技术服务及市场开拓队伍。
联系人: 胡小姐
电 话: 0086-755-29672271
传 真: 0086-755-29672277
地 址: 深圳市宝安区龙华大浪街道办华荣路德泰科技工业区1栋
邮 箱: admin@toyani.com
网 址: www.protruly.com,www.toyani.com


Dahua Technology Co. Ltd
Dahua Technology Co.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer in the security and surveillance field.Over the past 15 year’s development, Dahua Technology has been fully experienced in research and design of cutting-edge technology surveillance equipments. Both hardware and software are modular-designed with fiexibility for different configurations,various scales of applications and future expansion. Dahua released 16-channel real-time embedded digital video recorder in 2003. Dahua now is leading the development trend of embedded digital video recorder and is becoming No.1 brand in China.
Main Products: Contact information
Standalone DVR, PTZ Dome
Camera, Compression Card,
NVR, IP Camera
NVS, IP Storage
Name: Rita
Tel: 0086-0571-87688883
Fax: 0086-0571-8768 8815
Address: No.1187, Bin ‘an Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou
Email: overseas@dahuatech.com
Website: www.dahuatech.com
主打产品 公司介绍
嵌入式硬盘录像机,智能高速球,IP监控,音视频编解码卡.网络摄像机。     浙江大华技术股份有限公司成立于2001年,以音视频技术研发为核心,集调度通信、安防监控、智能交通开发和数字大屏显示等产品格局于一体的民营上市企业。公司坐落于杭州国家高新技术产业开发区(滨江),拥有员工千余人,并建有33000平米研发与现代化产业基地,另有10万平米高技术安防产业园区在建,是目前最具技术水平和规模实力的安防视讯产品研发制造商之一。营销网络健全,办事处遍布国内39个核心城市,产品出口到100多个国家和地区,在全球拥有270多个合作伙伴。公司现已承接3项国家高技术产业化重大专项、3项国家火炬计划项目、1项国家00863计划项目和1项新增中央预算内投资计划项目,是国家规划布局内重点软件企业、国家火炬计划重点高新技术企业。
联系人: 陈丹
电 话: 0086-571-87688883
传 真: 0086-571-8768 8815
地 址: 中国杭州,滨江高新区,滨安路1187号
邮 箱: overseas@dahuatech.com
网 址: www.dahuatech.com


Dongguan KaiBoShiBang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan KaiBoShiBang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is in the city of Dongguan, where is the world famous manufacturing city. We are being absorbed in developing, designing and selling cable wiring used in intelligent home, security monitoring system, Inteiligent buildings, high speed digital Network communication and Stage acoustics.
Fuyun Wire and Cable has passed ISO9001 : 2008 international quality management system certification, National mandatory products CCC authentication, SGS ROSH, SARFT certification and a series of authoritative certifications.
Main Products: Contact information
Ethernet Cable ,Telephone
Line ,coaxial-cable
Name: Yingying Guo
Tel: 0086-769-82881228
Fax: 0086-769-85253833
Address: Huaide Industry Park,Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong
Email: 629529194@qq.com
Website: www.dgfuyun.com
主打产品 公司介绍
网络线、 电话线、 同轴电缆     东莞市凯博世邦电子科技有限公司总部位于世界制造业名城—广东省东莞市,致力于研发、生产、销售智能家居、安防监控系统布线线缆、智能建筑弱电布线线缆、高速数字网络通信线缆、舞台音响高级专用线缆。
    厚德务实的凯博世邦人坚持走品牌发展战略之路。汇聚了一流的技术研发团队和管理精英,拥有整套国内外先进的生产线和检测设备,实施了一整套完善的客户服务体系,以市场需求为导向,强势推出“福韵电线电缆”专业弱电线缆品牌。福韵电线电缆相继获得了ISO9001: 2008国际质量管理体系认证、国家强制性产品CCC认证、SGS环保认证、中国广播电影电视总局入网认证等一系列权威认证。我们坚信以凯博世邦雄厚的实力为根基,坚持厚德务实,和谐共赢的品牌经营理念,定将“福韵电线电缆”打造成为百年品牌。
联系人: 郭莹莹
电 话: 0086-769-82881228
传 真: 0086-769-85253833
地 址: 广东省东莞市虎门镇怀德工业区
邮 箱: 629529194@qq.com
网 址: www.dgfuyun.com


Fujica Intelligentized Sys.Co.,Ltd
As one of the top-100 security companies in mainland China, we provide products that will meet your performance requirements. Available in modular designs, our products were used at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. To guarantee precise engineering, we use cutting machines from Japan and CNC equipment from Finland. Then we examine each finished unit using insulated resistance and DC parameter testers. With the help of our 50 engineers, we’ve obtained 20 patents in China for our products.
Main Products: Contact information
Parking management System
Barrier Gate
Tripod turnstile
Flap barrier
Swing barrier
Name: Wendy Weng
Title: Manager
Tel: 0086 755 8600 5831
Fax: 0086 755 8602 0900
Address: Bldg.9 Jiuxiangling Ind. Park, Xili, Nanshan, Shenzhen
Email: export@fujica.com.cn
Website: www.fujica.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
联系人: 翁丹丹
职 务: 经理
电 话: 0086 755 8600 5831
传 真: 0086 755 8602 0900
地 址: 深圳市南山区西丽九祥岭工业区9栋
邮 箱: export@fujica.com.cn
网 址: www.fujica.com.cn


Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co., Ltd
Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co. LTD(SATIR) is one of the world’s leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturers, focuses on developing, producing, and marketing of infrared cameras which are playing significant role in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental thermal imaging activities including predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, research and development, temperature measurement and thermal testing.
Main Products: Contact information
Infrared cameras for security/
surveillance applications
Name: Javin Yang
Tel: 0086-20 8222 7947
Fax: 0086-20 8222 7947
Address: No.10, Dongjiang AVE, GETDD, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China,
Email: sat@sat.com.cn
Website: www.sat.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
监控热像仪和安防热像仪     广州飒特公司是专业从事红外热像仪生产的跨国企业,是中国红外热像仪制造的龙头企业,目前生产的红外热像仪产品超过11个类别,35种产品,主要应用于电力、军事、警务、钢铁石化、水泥、电子制造业、电信、轨道交通、建筑、消防、教育以及医疗行业的发热人群筛查及人体测温等等。只要涉及到测温的领域(尤其是非接触性的状态检测),红外热像仪都能大展身手。
联系人: 杨建军
电 话: 0086-20 8222 7947
传 真: 0086-20 8222 7947
地 址: 广州经济技术开发区东江大道10号
邮 箱: sat@sat.com.cn
网 址: www.sat.com.cn


Axview Technology (Shenzhen) CO.,LTD.
AXVIEW Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Australia based Hiprote Group, was established in 2001 in Shenzhen, China to innovate and manufacture analog and digital surveillance products. The front devices, such as IP Cameras and DVS, are adopted the latest H.264 video compression algorithms, which makes HD application possible. A recent launched NVR offers all-in-one functions, enabling easy management. AXVIEW is able to provide OEM and ODM with Onvif conformant products. Do it right and make it perfect are AXVIEW’s cultures.
Main Products: Contact information
Ip and Analog Products Name: hazel.chen
Tel: 0086-755 82916428
Fax: 0086-755 82916429
Address: Hiprote BLD, No.1,meizhong Rd, Futian, Shenzhen
Email: sales@axview.com
Website: www.axview.com
主打产品 公司介绍
摄像机, 智能高速球 ,硬盘录像
联系人: 宗炜
电 话: 0086-755 82916428
传 真: 0086-755 82916429
地 址: 中国广东省深圳市福田区梅中路一号二楼
邮 箱: sales@axview.com
网 址: www.axview.com


Shenzhen Huanghe Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
As No.3 China professional IP Camera developer and manufacturer, OEM & ODM provider, Shenzhen Huanghe Digital Technology Co., LTD. had been established September, 2005. We have developed full series of network video products, include H.264 IP camera, network video server, video management software. We own all source code of our products and can provide professional OEM and ODM customize service for global customer. We can print your logo or brandname on our products, even design the housing and package of products for you!
Main Products: Contact information
Camera, D/N WDR IP Box
Camera, CCD D/N IP Box
Camera, CCD Low light D/
N IP Box Camera, CCD Low
light D/N IP IR Camera, CCD
Low light D/N IP Fixed Dome
Camera, CCD D/N IP Speed
Dome Camera,
1080P HD CCD Low light IP
Box Camera, HD CMOS D/N
IP Speed Dome Camera
Name: Len Yang
Tel: 0086-755-33631190
Fax: 0086-755-33631150
Address: 6/F, 1st Building, Yuehai Industrial Park (Shenzhen Animation Zone),Yuehai Rd.,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
E-mail: sales@hhdigital.com.cn
Website: www.hhdigital.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
720P高清CMOS网络枪式摄像机;彩转黑宽动态网络枪式摄像机; CCD彩转黑网络枪式摄像机; 低照度CCD彩转黑网络枪式摄像机; 低照度CCD彩转黑红外网络枪式摄像机;低照度CCD彩转黑防暴网络半球摄像机; CCD彩转黑网络高速球型摄像机; 1080P高清低照度CCD网络枪式摄像机; CMOS彩转黑网络高速球型摄像机。     深圳市黄河数字技术有限公司是专业从事网络数字音视频产品研发、生产、销售的高科技公司。公司拥有强大的技术储备和研发能力,拥有一流的研发队伍,致力于为基于网络化的视频监控、远程监控项目,包括电信的“平安城市”,“全球眼”项目,提供系列化的网络监控设备以及整体解决方案。公司现已成功开发、并生产制造的全系列网络视频监控产品包括:网络视频服务器(Video Servers),网络摄像机(Network Cameras),及系列的监控管理软件。我们的各类产品已在国内外多个领域以及众多大型联网监控项目(包括电信“全球眼”项目、“平安城市”项目等)中得到了大规模的普及和应用,截至目前已累计销售各类机型上十万台。公司的发展目标努力成为数字音视频监控领域优质的设备供应商和整体化解决方案的提供商。
联系人: 张竞舟
邮 箱: :market@hhdigital.com.cn
网 址: www.hhdigital.com.cn


Beijing Kuaiyu Co.,Ltd.
Beijing-based Kuaiyu the leading developer and provider of audio surveillance and monitoring systems for the security industry.

In our current surveillance market,or the audio surveillance not very clear,or not have audio surveillance,our TRADIO just do it! It is helping fill this gap.our company culture is : manufacture the best cost-effective products.I have visited your website,I find you deal with cctv camera,but not deal with audio surveillance mics,so I belive our TRADIO audio surveillance mic should be
bring the new economic growth for you.
Main Products: Contact information
Audio surveillance microphone Name: Miss Betty
Tel: 0086-10-82001010
Fax: 0086-10-82884971
Address: Rm.929, No.229 Beisihuan Zhonglu Haidian, Beijing, China
Email: betty@kuaiyu.com
Website: www.kuaiyu.com
主打产品 公司介绍
TRADIO系列拾音器     北京快鱼科技有限公司是一家民营高新技术企业,在电声科技及电话语音及交换技术的科技开发和应用上已有10年丰富的经验。主要从事监听头、拾音器、计算机语音通信系统产品的设计与生产。目前主要产品有TRADIO系列拾音器、QuickLogo数字录音、QuickCall电话呼叫中心以及其他电信增值服务设备等高科技产品。
联系人: 刘庄
电 话: 0086-10-82001010
传 真: 0086-10-82884971
地 址: 北京市海淀区北四环中路229号海泰大厦929室
邮 箱: sales@kuaiyu.com
网 址: www.kuaiyu.com


Shenzhen Leshi Video Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen LSVT Technology Co.,Ltd has been dedicated to the manufacturering of CCTV cameras since 1993. Our ISO 9001-certifi ed factory is equipped with advanced machines ,which output 50000 cameras per month.

All the LSVT products are CE, FCC, and RoHs compliant, please don’t hesitate to contact our professional sales team, take the high quality products with competitive prices. We are looking forward to creating additional value for your global security business, supporting your company’s faster and better growth.
Main Products: Contac information
CCTV Cameras, Ultra WDR
Cameras, UTP Video Balun.
Name: Milton Chen
Title: Sales Manager
Tel: 0086-755-26890892
Fax: 0086-755-26831871
Address: 5th Floor, 2nd Block, Zhongyuntai Industrial Park, No. 1 Road, Tangtou, Shiyan Street,
Bao’an District, Shenzhen City
Email: sales@lsvt.com.cn
Website: www.lsvt.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
监控摄像机、 超宽动态摄像
机、 视频双绞线传输器
    深圳市乐视视频技术有限公司成立于1993年,是一家专业从事视频产品研发、制造、销售的高科技企业。我们拥有完善且先进的生产设备和ISO9001: 2000生产品质管理流程,产能达5万台/月。
    乐视的产品都已通过了CE、FCC、RoHs、CCS 工厂认证等国际国内认证标准。我们专业的营销服务团队已经为海内外客户提供优质的产品和服务,已经为相关的客户创造优良价值,并与这些合作伙伴们共同成长壮大。
联系人: 陈皓
电 话: 0086 755-26890892
传 真: 0086 755-26831871
地 址: 深圳市宝安区石岩塘头中运泰科技工业园2栋5层
邮 箱: sales@lsvt.com.cn
网 址: www.lsvt.com.cn


Shenzhen Newbridge Communication Equipment Co. Ltd
Shenzhen Newbridge Communication Equipment Co, Ltd. have a strong technical development and specialized in manufacturing fiber optical equipment.

At present; our main market is in the field of security. Now we have developed HD series products, such as HD Encoder and Decoder, HD CCTV Over Fiber, HD CCTV Over IP, HD CCTV Monitor, HDMI to SDI Converter, etc. We also could offer technical cooperation.Newbridge adhere to the “people-oriented, innovative and stick to honesty, mutual benefit and win-win” the company philosophy, the service for users, rewards and society, we wish to the masses of users a “sincere cooperation, altogether frame newbridge”!
Main Products: Contact information
camera Surge Protection
HD CCTV fiber series,HD
Converter Series,HD IP
Camera Series
HD Distributor series,Codec
Series,SDI Repeater,
Name: Wendy
Title: Newbridge
Tel: 0086-755-33875511
Fax: 0086-755-33875511-804
Address: No.4 , B Building, Zhu ao Industrial Park , Gushu Xixiang , Baoan District Shenzhen,
Email: info@newbridge.com.cn
Website: www.newbridge.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
高清摄像头,高清防雷器,高清光端机,高清HDMI-SDI 转换器,高清SDI-HDMI转换器,高清分配器,SDI中继器,SDI 矩阵,高清监视器,SDI监视器,光纤收发器,光猫,视频编解码器.     深圳市南方新桥通信设备有限公司是一家实力雄厚,专门从事光传输设备、接入网设备、数
务。公司主要产品有: PDH光端机,光纤MODEM,接口转换器,PCM设备,光纤收发器,数字视频光

联系人: 万金源
电 话: 0086 755-33875511
传 真: 0086 755-33875511-804
地 址: 深圳市宝安区西乡固戍南太路朱坳工业区B栋4楼
邮 箱: info@newbridge.com.cn
网 址: www.newbridge.com.cn


Tianjin Tiandy Digital Technology Co., Ltd
The leading CCTV manufacturer and a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. Founded in 1994, Tiandy Tech is committed to providing its customers with expert technical advice and support in addition to products that are developed and tested for professional applications. Our R&D center has accumulated extensive knowledge of CCTV technologies.

This knowledge has enabled Tiandy Tech to develop a broad range of innovative CCTV products from high-grade fiber optic transmission products to sophisticated IP surveillance solutions. These solutions include analog speed dome cameras and IP cameras, fiber optic transceivers and IP video servers, and powerful Matrix systems.
Main Products: Contact information
Fiber Optics, Speed Dome, IP
Solution, Matrix System, CCTV
Camera, A/V Amplifi er/Splitter,
Name: Che Dawei
Tel: 0086-22-58596000
Fax: 0086-22-58596111
Address: No.8, Haitai Huake Rd2 (Outside Ring Road),Huayuan New Technology Industrial Park,
Email: chedawei7@163.com
Website: www.tiandy.com
主打产品 公司介绍
网络矩阵产品、 硬盘录像产品、 网络视频产品、 光通讯产品、 智能球产品、 摄像机产品、 网络存储产品、 激光夜视产品     天津天地伟业数码科技有限公司是在天津滨海高新区注册的高新技术企业和软件企业,公司成立于1994年,具有稳定的产品研发、生产、销售、服务队伍。公司精于产品、专注行业,以做“技术领先型”企业为自己的定位,坚持高清化、智能化、行业化、集成化的发展方向,以一站式服务的品牌形象向业界提供从前端到后台,从硬件到软件的全线自主研发的音视频传输控制产品,是安防行业视频监控领域首个获得中国驰名商标的企业。
联系人: 车大伟
电 话: 0086-22-58596000
传 真: 0086-22-58596111
地 址: 天津市华苑新技术产业园区(环外)海泰华科二路8号
邮 箱: chedawei7@163.com
网 址: www.tiandy.com


Shenzhen TBL Science and Technology co., LTD.
Shenzhen TBL Science and Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative high-tech enterprise certified by the Chinese government. Since its establishment with registered capital of 25.6 million RMB in 2002, TBL has been growing very fast and becomes one of leading enterprises in the security field today. The areas TBL majors in including the R&D, production, installation, sales, and services for the following systems: Intelligent Security and Defense Systems, Intelligent Inter-building Management Systems, Information Management Systems, Information Network Systems, and Innovative Security Products.
Main Products: Contact information
Power line carrier
communication of IP
waterproof cameras
HD Network cameras
Name: Iris Zhang
Tel: 0086-755-89502384
Fax: 0086-755-89502073
Address: 19th floor,Shenmao Commercial Center,No.59 Xinwen Rd,Futian
Email: info@tbl.com.cn
Website: www.tbl.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
电力载波网络摄像机, 网络高清摄像机     深圳市通宝莱科技有限公司是经深圳市工商行政管理局注册成立的高科技企业,先后取得了“广东省安全技术防范系统设计、施工、维修壹级资质”“计算机信息系统集成资质”、“国家高新技术企业”,“软件企业”等相关资质,通过了ISO9000质量体系认证,2006年被评为“深圳市科技、经济专家定点服务企业”、“深圳市中小企业诚信企业”称号;深圳市政府确认的第一批“自主创新龙头企业”、多年来一直被广东省工商局授予“守合同重信用”企业荣誉、并荣获“广东省诚信示范企业”称号。
联系人: 张琴
电 话: 0086-755-89502384
传 真: 0086-755-89502073
地 址: 深圳市福田区新闻路59号深茂商业中心19楼
邮 箱: info@tbl.com.cn
网 址: www.tbl.com.cn


Guangdong TCL Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangdong TCL Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd, established in 1998 with the registered capital of 3 million US Dollar, is one of the core enterprises of TCL International Electron Group Limited.

With the headquarter located in Guangzhou, one factory in Panyu of Guangzhou and another in Dongguan city, and around 20 offices/branches in big cities in China, TCL Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd has focused on the security field, PABX and system integration fields with the strong capability of R&D, production, sales and service, and is a famous enterprise in China.
Main Products: Contact information
LCD Monitor, CRT Monitor,
DID LCD Monitor, PABX,
Cameras, DVR
Name: Grace Fan
Tel: 0086-20-34698474
Fax: 0086-20- 34698045
Address: 2302A-08 Room, No.3 Xingangxi Road, Haizhu Zone, Guangzhou City.
Email: fez@chinatclsouth.com
Website: www.chinatclsouth.com
主打产品 公司介绍
液晶监视器, CRT监视器, DID拼接屏, 集团电话设备, 摄像机等
联系人: 范尔竹
电 话: 0086-20-34698474 15876598166
传 真: 0086-20-34698045
地 址: 广州市海珠区新港西路3号2302A-08房
邮 箱: fez@chinatclsouth.com
网 址: www.chinatclsouth.com


Shenzhen Safer Science & Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Safer Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of CCTV cameras and DVRs. Established in 2002, Safer now possess 6 production lines and 4 assembly lines. Its productivity exceeds 200K/month.

With excellent technicians, experienced workers and a strong sales team, Safer offers about 2,000 kinds of products home and abroad. So far, we have distributors in more than 20 countries, such as U.S.A, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, etc. We have established a reliable business relationship with customers from 40 countries.

Main Products: Contact information
CCD cameras, High speed dome, IP cameras, DVRs, Name: Gladys
Tel: 0086-755-36806999
Fax: 0086-755-36806608
Address: 4/F.Block A, Xinwuyuan Industry Park, Gushu, Xixiang Town, Bao’an, Shenzhen,
Guangdong, P.R.China,
Email: gladys@safer.com.cn
Website: www.safer.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
安防摄像头, 硬盘录像机, 高速球, 网络摄像机     深圳市翔飞科技有限公司是集安防监控产品研发、生产、销售为一体的深圳市高新技术企业。公司成立于2002年11月,主要产品有百万高清摄像机、智能摄像机、高清晰彩色超宽动态摄像机、网络摄像机、超低照度摄像机、彩色红外防水摄像机、枪形摄像机、半球形摄像机、迷你型摄像机、高速球、DVR等11个系列2000多个品种。产品所有关键元器件均为日本、韩国原装进口,月产能超过200K。
联系人: 邹挺辉
电 话: 0086 755-36806999
传 真: 0086 755-36806608
地 址: 深圳市宝安区西乡固戍新屋园工业区4-5楼
邮 箱: gladys@safer.com.cn
网 址: www.safer.com.cn


Guangdong Quick Network Computer Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Quick Network Computer Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise working on the research & development, manufacturing, sales and services, computer network systems software development, technical consulting and technical services of the security products. The company has a leading independent core technologies and sustainable research and development capabilities, company’s own products include front-end devices, back-end systems management platform and client software. In the field of education, safe city, the financial sector, corporate sector, government offices and many other areas of the industry, the company provide professional network monitoring solutions.
Main Products: Contact information
Network camcorder, PTZ dome cameras, Multistage network platform
Name: XieKun
Tel: 0086-20-87771910
Fax: 0086-20-87770041
Address: 12th floor, Huihua Business and Trade building, No. 80, Xian Lie Zhong Road, Yuexiu
District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.
Email: xk@xtnet.com.cn
Website: www.xtnet.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
网络摄像机、 网络智能球、 多级组网平台     广东迅通计算机有限公司成立于1996年,是一家专业从事安防产品的研发、生产、销售、服务及计算机网络系统软件的研发、技术咨询、技术服务的高科技企业。公司拥有国内领先的自主核心技术和可持续研发能力,公司自行生产的产品涵盖前端设备、后端管理平台及客户端系统软件。同时公司针对教育领域、平安城市领域、金融领域、企业领域、政务办公领域等众多行业提供专业的网络监控解决方案。
联系人: 谢昆
电 话: 0086-20-87770041
传 真: 0086-20-87771910
地 址: 广州市越秀区先烈中路80号汇华商贸大厦12层
邮 箱: xk@xtnet.com.cn
网 址: www.xtnet.com.cn


Shenzhen Zte Netview Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen ZTE NetView Technology Co., Ltd (“ZTE NetView”), the former supervision division of ZTE Corporation, is now a holding subsidiary of ZTE Corporation. Since it started R&D of supervision products in 1995, ZTE NetView, from a dedicated manufacturer, has grown up as a“supervision expert” who provides not only surveillance products but also unified solutions and turn-key services of surveillance system and gradually become a leader in the global market.

ZTE NetView highly values relationships with clients and maintains good cooperation with AM Group, MTN Group, TeliaSonera, Hutchison Telecoms, and so on. By 2010, ZTE NetView has over 5100 successful cases applied in over 40 nations and areas.
Main Products: Contact information
Analog cameras
Megapixel IP cameras
3G Camera / 3G DVR
Wimax Cameras
Vehicle DVS/DVR
Sensors &Accessories
Surveillance Solution
Name: Huaifang.Yin
Tel: 0086-755-26525680
Fax: 0086-755-26520574
Address: 4/F,Building W1-A,South Keji Road,Hi-tech Industry Park,Nanshan
Email: ztenv_support@zte.com.cn
Website: www.zte.com.cn, www.ztenv.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
全系列百万高清模拟/网络摄像机 (枪机/球机/半球/一体机/3G无线等)全系列多媒体接入单元 (3G无线、 车载等) 监控系统软件平台全系列传感器、 数据采集模块视频监控解决方案     深圳中兴力维技术有限公司(简称“中兴力维”)是中兴通讯的控股子公司,其前身是中兴通讯有线产品之一的监控产品线。1995年,中兴通讯成立监控产品部,率先进行监控产品研发。2005年6月,为适应监控市场的发展趋势,监控产品线从中兴通讯整体剥离,成立“深圳中兴力维技术有限公司”,专业从事监控产品的研发、生产和销售。中兴力维沿袭了中兴通讯的企业文化精髓和先进的管理经验,历经国内、国际电信运营商市场、行业市场的广泛应用和长期锤炼,已经从单一监控产品制造商,成长为具有核心技术的综合解决方案提供商,并逐步成长为全球监控行业中的领导品牌。

联系人: 殷怀芳
电 话: 0086 755-26525680
传 真: 0086 755-26520574
地 址: 深圳市南山区高新区科技南一路W1—A栋四楼
邮 箱: ztenv_support@zte.com.cn
网 址: www.zte.com.cn, www.ztenv.com.cn


Shanghai Dashing Scan Technology Co. Ltd
Founded in 2003, Shanghai Dashing Scan Technology Co., Ltd., has been dedicated to the research and development of advanced non-destructive technology, obtaining a series of world leading technologies and patents in the non-destructive inspection (NDI) field. As a pioneer in the NDI industry and a top-grade security solution provider, Dashing Scan provides a series of high-tech security products. Our products include container screening systems, full human body scanners, and shoe scanners. Dashing Scan adheres to the mission of “Dashing Scan Science and Technology create secure life”. We continually optimize our products as well as our services by integrating R&D, manufacturing, consulting, marketing and investment together to contribute to creating a safer world.
Main Products: Contact information
ody Safety Scanner
Container Inspection System
Name: Dongwei Pan
Tel: 0086- (0)21-31269733
Fax: 0086-(0)21-61404252
Address: 9F, 757 Guangzhong Xi Rd, Shanghai, 200072, China
Email: pdw1981@splab.com,cn
Website: www.dashingscan.com
主打产品 公司介绍
人体安全检测仪、集装箱无损探测     上海大圣探测技术有限公司作为安检设备制造商和安全服务供应商,拥有一系列国际领先的无损探测核心技术,并获得170多项国内外专利授权,形成集无损探测设备的研发、生产、销售与服务为一体的战略格局。

联系人: 潘东伟
电 话: 0086-21-31269733
传 真: 0086-21-61404252
地 址: 上海市闸北区广中西路757号多媒体大厦9楼
邮 箱: pdw1981@splab.com,cn
网 址: www.dashingscan.com


Beijing Zhongdun Anmin Analysis Technology Co., Ltd
Beijing Zhongdun Anmin Analysis Technology Co., Ltd, branded as FISCAN, is a leading company in technological research of security detection and inspection equipment development. Its product performance and specifi cations are of international advanced level. Various FISCAN X-ray security inspection systems are widely used at airports, customs, railway stations, ports and government buildings across the country and worldwide, these systems have demonstrated their value in traffic safety, and in anti-smuggling and anti-terrorism operations.
Main Products: Contact information
CMEX-B6550, CMEX-T5030,
CMEX-T100100, CMEX-D
Name: Guoping Hou
Tel: 0086-10-68458600
Fax: 0086-10-68421178
Address: No.1 Capital Gymnasium South Road, Beijing, China
Email: hougp@fiscan.cn
Website: www.fiscan.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
CMEX-B6550, CMEX-T5030,
CMEX-T100100, CMEX-D
联系人: 侯国平
电 话: 0086-10-68458600
传 真: 0086-10-68421178
地 址: 北京市首体南路1号
邮 箱: hougp@fiscan.cn
网 址: www.fiscan.cn


hejiang Dali Technology Co., Ltd
Dali Technology was built in 1984, after the reform, Institute of Testing Technology, Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Daily Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. founded by high-tech joint-stock enterprises. Public offering of stock after the February 18, 2008 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002214), is the infrared and the security industry’s first domestic A share listed companies.
Main Products: Contact information
Stand alone DVR, Infrared
camera, NVR, IP Camera,
Thermal imaging camera
Name: Bruce WU
Tel: 0086-571-86695671
Fax: 0086-571-86695623
Address: No. 639 Binkang Road, Hangzhou, P.R.CHINA, 310053
Email: dalidvr@dali-tech.com
Website: www.dali-tech.com
主打产品 公司介绍
嵌入式硬盘录像机 摄像机
NVR 红外夜视监控系统
    大立科技是建于1984年的浙江省测试技术研究所改制后与浙江日报报业集团有限公司、浙江省科技风险投资有限公司组建而成的股份制高新技术企业。公司股票公开发行后于2008年2月18日在深圳证券交易所挂牌上市(股票代码: 002214),是红外和安防行业国内A股首家上市公司。公司专业从事红外热像仪系列产品、安防监控产品的研发、生产和销售。经过多年稳健的发展,从一个非营利性质的研究所成长为具有较强自主研发和技术创新能力且经营业绩稳定增长的上市公司。目前,公司是国内规模最大、综合实力最强的民用红外热像仪、安防监控产品生产企业之一。公司采用国际化的现代管理模式,取得ISO9001质量体系认证、ISO14000环境管理体系及CCC认证、CE/FCC等认证。
联系人: 薛圣月
电 话: 0086-571-0086695666
传 真: 0086-571-0086695600
地 址: 杭州市高新技术开发区(滨江)滨康路639号
邮 箱: xueshengyue@dali-tech.com
网 址: www.dali-tech.com


Fuzhou Zhengsheng Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou ZhengSheng Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd., established in 190086, is one of the leading and professional manufacturer and exporter. We now provide CCTV Lens, CCD cameras and other security accessories.We run strictly under ISO 9001 and had obtained CE and Rohs certificates! By it, we have established cooperative relationship with over 50 countries.We look forward to doing business with your esteemed company. Your OEM and ODM is welcome.
Main Products: Contact information
Tel: 0086-591-87955463
Fax: 0086-591-87911938
Address: Bldg.D,No.18 QinSheng Industrial Park,JianKang Village, Xindian District, Fuzhou,
Fujian, China
Email: janice@zsphotoelec.com
Website: www.zsphotoelec.com
主打产品 公司介绍
监控镜头, 监控摄像机     福州市正盛光电仪器有限公司,国内监控领域先锋企业,创办于80年代初, 成立24年来专注于监控行业的推广普及和技术研发,现已发展成为中国大陆最大的安防产品和光学设备进出口公司之一,产品涵盖民用监控镜头、摄像机、高速球、DVR等。公司现有数千米的厂房,拥有机械生产、光学镜片、表面处理的应有的高新设备,具有较完善的设计、开发、检测和制作产品的能力,并且率先通过ISO9001∶2000质量管理体系认证,以及CE, ROHS等国际认证。正盛团队一直致力于以“质量、创新、诚信”的经营理念,为我们的客户提供优质的产品和服务。建立了完善的销售网络,产品畅销全国,且与50多个国家建立了良好的长期贸易合作关系,赢得了广大客户的认可。在发展过程中,我们坚持为客户提供高质量纯工艺的产品,为了保证品质,主要产品的重要零件和电机均由日本进口。
联系人: 张力
电 话: 0086-591-87955463
传 真: 0086-591-87911938
地 址: 福州市新店健康村18号琴声工业园区D座
邮 箱: janice@zsphotoelec.com
网 址: www.zsphotoelec.com


Guangzhou Bangshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Our CCTV factory located in Guangzhou China. R&D department has 12 engineers, 155 workers.
New camera style comes out every two months. All products get their international certificates--CE FCC and RHOS, ready to be ordered all over the world. Factory also got SGS factory certificate, have partnership with many higer rank buyer like Q-see from USA, PSC from Cambodia, RONFON from Italy. Our CCTV products including new tech led array infred camera,common infred camera,DVR.
Welcome OEM/ODM!
Main Products: Contact information
CCTV camera
IR night vision camera
PTZ dome camera
Box camera
high resolution camera
Tel: 0086-20-61023888 ext 818
Fax: 0086-20-61023888
Address: 4F, NO.69 Guangpu West Road,TCL Cultural Industry Park(the second phase)Science
City, Guangzhou,China
Email: bscctv@188.com
Website: www.gd-cx.com www.bs-cctv.com
主打产品 公司介绍
监控摄像机 录像机     十年来,邦视自主研发了多种安防产品,包括彩色一体化摄像机系列、枪型摄像机系列、夜视半球型摄像机系列、红外夜视摄像机系列、室内外智能高速匀速球系列、工控数字硬盘录像机系列和网络型嵌入式硬盘录像机系列等十二个系列,共六大类,近八十多款产品。
联系人: 杜明丽
电 话: 0086-20-61023888 转 818
传 真: 008, , , , , 6-20-61023888
地 址: 广州市科学城光谱西路69号TCL文化产业园二期四楼
邮 箱: bscctv@188.com
网 址: www.bs-cctv.com www.gd-cx.com


Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd.
Invested by Intel and other investors, Miaxis invents the global leading Justouch fingerprint algorithm. Miaxis occupies more than 75% market share of 5 state owned banks in China, and offers fingerprint modules for more than 70% of manufacturers in Chinese fingerprint lock & fingerprint safe industry.As a strong biometrics products and solution provider, Miaxis’ products range from fingerprint core products such as fingerprint modules, fingerprint readers to finished products, such as fingerprint time attendance, fingerprint access control, fingerprint door lock, fingerprint car lock, fingerprint posetc.
Main Products: Contact information
Fingerprint module
Fingerprint reader/scanner
Fingerprint time attendance
Fingerprint access control
Fingerprint car/door lock
Name: Candy
Tel: 0086-571-8195-1607
Fax: 0086-571-8195-1600
Address: 12F, Technology Building, East Software Park, No. 90, Wensan Road, Xihu District
Email: candy.ding@miaxis.com
Website: www.miaxis.net www.miaxis.com
主打产品 公司介绍
指纹模块; 指纹扫描仪; 指纹考
勤机; 指纹门禁; 指纹锁
    杭州中正生物认证技术有限公司成立于2000年3月,是中国一流的生物识别设备制造商和解决方案提供商,由创始管理团队和美国Intel公司、上海贝岭、浙江天堂硅谷等国内外著名投资机构共同组成。中正的使命是利用人体指纹等生物特征识别技术解决人们在社会交流和日常工作中对身份认证的需求,为人们带来安全和放心。我们提供两大类产品: 一类是物理通道访问控制,产品有指纹考勤机,指纹门禁机,指纹门锁等;另一类是逻辑通道访问控制,产品有指纹银行柜员认证仪,指纹UKey,指纹采集仪等。
联系人: 丁丁
电 话: 0086-571-8195-1607
传 真: 0086-571-8195-1600
地 址: 浙江省杭州市西湖区文三路90号东部软件园科技大厦12楼
邮 箱: candy.ding@miaxis.com
网 址: www.miaxis.net www.miaxis.com


Ongdy Industrial Company Limited
Hongdy Founded in 1993 in Canada, with the integration of R&D, manufacture, marketing and service, Hongdy has been becoming the leading security enterprise in China.We are dedicated to providing reliable security equipments (fiber optic system and Matrix switcher) and excellent before & after sales service. With the ability of self-R&D, self-innovation, the adoption of ISO9001 quality management system and ERP system and the completely before & after sales service system, we are confident to provide our clients with high quality products and excellent service.
Main Products: , , Contact information
Matrix Switcher and
Accessories, Fiber Optic
System and Switchers
Name: Gavin Jiang
Tel: 0086-755-26544886
Fax: 0086-755-26710027
Address: 10Floor, Fuqiao Building, Fuhua Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Email: into@hongdy.com
Website: www.hongdy.com
主打产品 公司介绍
矩阵及相关附件, 光端机和光纤收发器     洪迪实业有限公司1993 年成立于加拿大,目前已发展成为一家集研发、生产、销售、服务为一体的国内安防龙头企业.洪迪实业有限公司一直致力于提供 稳定可靠的安防系统整体解决方案 和良好的售前、售中、售后服务。公司现 拥有专利几十项,部分核心产品达到世界领先水平,生产的产品通过 ISO9001 、 3C 和 CE 等各项认证。公司拥有一批长期从事光通讯及安防器材研发、设计、及销售的专业人才,也是国内几所重点大学的科技成果推广及转化基地,同时具有独立研发、科技创新的能力,在生产管理上采用科学的 ISO9001 质量管理体系和ERP管理系统,配合完善的售前、售中、售后服务系统,使得我们能够为客户提供科学的安防整体解决方案和优质的服务。 我们追求的经营管理理念是 质量、服务、诚信、创新 。我们的目标是成为一个以优质产品及优质服务为基础,高科技为先导, 以国内外两个市场为目标的大型企业集团。
联系人: Gavin Jiang
电 话: 0086-755-26544886
传 真: 0086-755-26710027
地 址: 广东省深圳市福田区福华路福桥大厦A座10楼
邮 箱: into@hongdy.com
网 址: www.hongdy.com


Shenzhen Wellbell Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
SHENZHEN WELLBELL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, which was established in 2000, has diversified its core operation into R&D, manufacturing video intercom, wireless intelligent alarm and related intelligent patrol system. We have separate products R&D centers in Beijing and Shenzhen, we also build up technical strategic partnership with many research institutes: such as many famous foreign universities and intelligent research institute of Beihua university in Jilin, China, etc. Furthermore, our company also launches technical cooperation with HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Contact information
Intelligent Building Intercom,
TCP/IP Digital Intercom, Video
Indoor Phone,
Patrol System, and Wireless
Alarm System.
Name: Rita
Tel: 0086-755-61192800
Fax: 0086-755-86006635
Address: 7th Building,Nangang 2nd Industrial Zone,Xili Town,Nanshan District,Shenzhen
City,Guangdong Province.
Email: rita-wellbell@hotmail.com
Website: www.welbell.com
主打产品 公司介绍
智能楼宇对讲, TCP/IP数字对
讲, 可视门铃, 电子巡更, 报警等安防设备。
    深圳市华百安智能技术有限公司是华贝尔集团旗下集楼宇对讲、智能家居和物联网系统研发、生产和销售为一体的高新技术企业。华百安智能汇集众多楼宇对讲行业的高端人才,我们整合市面上楼宇对讲产品的优点,采用全新技术打造出成熟稳定、品质优良、施工简单、维护方便的楼宇对讲和智能家居系统。华百安智能非常重视人才培养和技术研发,产品具有完全自主知识产权,我们已获得7项软件著作权,10多项外观专利,5项发明和实用新型专利,华百安在物联网技术上的研发和储备在同行中居于领先地位。华百安产品的主要特征是全网线布线,产品系列主要包括2大系统: 基于CPLD和差分传输技术的X5系统,基于TCP-IP全数字传输的X6系统。
联系人: 王佳
电 话: 0086-755-61192800
传 真: 0086-755-86006635
地 址: 广东省深圳市南山区西丽南岗第二工业区7栋
邮 箱: rita-wellbell@hotmail.com
网 址: www.welbell.com


ROISCOK Electronics Ltd.
ROISCOK Electronics Ltd. was founded in 1989. During the pasted 20 years, ROISCOK constant progress, strive to create high-quality, with a number of independent intellectual property rights of the anti-theft alarm system and video surveillance systems. As a pioneer in security productsfiled to the development of China’s security industry, and the germination of a batch after batch ROISCOK technology follower. Fortunately, the elegant appearance of the products exchange Symphony has become the consensus of the industry, becoming a symbol of the industry’s high- end quality.
Main Products: Contact information
wired/wireless intruder alarm
products and CCTV cameras
Name: Mr. Du Pont
Tel: 0086-755-81753600
Fax: 0086-755-81753605
Address: F/5, Building 4, No.3 Minzhi Industrial District, Minzhi St., Shenzhen, China
Email: market@roiscok.com
Website: www.roiscok.com
主打产品 公司介绍
防盗报警及视频监控器材     深圳市汇沣电子有限公司始创于1989年。在这跨世纪的20年里,深圳汇沣不断进取,竭力打造高品质的、具有多项自主知识产权的防盗报警系统和视频监控系统。深圳汇沣作为安防产品的先驱者,带动了中国安防行业的发展,并萌发出一批又一批汇沣技术的跟随者。值得欣慰的是,汇沣产品的优雅外观已经成为业界同仁的共识,成为了行业高档品质的象征。对安防行业的巨大贡献,已经成为那些默默耕耘的汇沣人的骄傲。深圳汇沣,拥有雄厚的技术实力和人才,专业从事ROISCOK防盗报警系列产品和iDo系列监控产品的科研、生产与销售,系列产品多达百种。我们秉承与世界同步,与时代同行的研发理念,伴随着21世纪的到来,精心打造我们的每一款产品。
联系人: 杜玉良
电 话: 0086-755-81753600
传 真: 0086-755-81753605
地 址: 深圳市宝安区民治街道民治第三工业区4栋5楼
邮 箱: market@roiscok.com
网 址: www.roiscok.com


Jiangsu Zhongxun Digital Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Zhongxun Digital Electronic Co.,Ltd. was founded in Yixing City, Jiangsu Provice. It is a hi-tech enterprise positioned in the telecommunication terminal field and involved in the research & development, manufacture and marketing. Since many years, depended on the rapid development of global telecommunication industry and by cooperating with famous enterprises such as China Mobile, China Telecom., China United Communication, Huawei Technologies, Zhongxing Telecom, Siemens, Avaya and Scitec,Inc. USA etc.
Main Products: Contact information
Shen Ying TianWei Auto-
theftproof Warning Phone
ShenYing TianWei Auto-
theftproof warning Cordless
ShenYing TianWei TD-
SCDMA Auto-theftproof
warning phone system
ShenYing TianWei IP Building
warning Interphone
Tel: 0086-510-87414998
Fax: 0086-510-87418063
Email: 13806157881@139.com
Website: www.zhongxun.com
主打产品 公司介绍
    江苏中讯数码电子有限公司1995年创办于江苏省宜兴市。是一家定位于通信终端设备领域,集研发、制造、销售于一体的高新技术企业。多年来,公司依托全球电信业的迅猛发展,通过与中国移动、中国电信、中国联通及华为技术、中兴通讯、西门子、AVAYA、美国SCITEC等国内外著名企业的合作,取得迅猛发展,成为华东地区最大的通讯终端设备制造企业之一。公司目前拥有一家电子工厂、一家塑胶工厂、一家软件公司,厂房面积5万平方米,员工近1000人,总资产1.8亿元,年产销各类终端设备500万台套。企业已通过ISO9001及ISO14000认证。 产品功能涵盖“入室盗窃防范”、“紧急救助”、“灾情预警”、“可视监测”等领域。产品拥有自主知识产权,具
联系人: 杨昱
电 话: 0086-0510-87414998
传 真: 0086-0510-87418063
地 址: 江苏省宜兴市丁蜀镇汤蜀路153号
邮 箱: 13806157881@139.com
网 址: www.zhongxun.com


Karassn Security Protection Electronics Co.,Ltd
Karassn Security Protection Electronics Co.,Ltd. Was found in Quanzhou city of China in year 2000. “Hold out technology & Sincerity all the time” is always being out faith. It is a mid-scale enterprise and specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of KARASSN alarm systems. With around 20 highly experienced engineers, KARASSN has developed 5 main series and more than 40 types of alarm systems, which are being used in home, commercial and industrial fields, all of our products have approved by CCC&CE. Our aim: To be No.1 in Chinese Burglar Alarm Field. Our business concept: Technology, Marketing and Faith
Main Products: Contact information
(GSM) Network Intelligent
Alarm System;
Wireless Long-distance Alarm
Door/Smoke/Gas Sensor;
CCTV Camera:
Infrared & Waterproof / Dome/
Gun-type Camera, etc
Name: Winking
Tel: Karassn Co.,Ltd. Road 1, Economic & Technologic Zone, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Fax: 0086-595-22418895
Address: 0086-595-22418857
Email: export_1@karassn.com
Website: www,karassn.com www.karassn.en.alibaba.com
主打产品 公司介绍
防盗报警器 (GSM) ;监控摄像头
联系人: Winking
电 话: 0086-595-22418895
传 真: 0086-595-22418860
地 址: 福建省泉州经济技术开发区一号路科立信工业园
邮 箱: export_1@karassn.com
网 址: www,karassn.com www.karassn.en.alibaba.com



Guangzhou AEBELL Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.
AEBELL was founded in 2004, we manufacture complete range of CCTV cameras: IR cameras, weatherproof cameras, vandalproof cameras, WDR cameras, PTZ speed dome cameras and much more, we also develop and produce various H.264 IP cameras, as well as network DVRs. Our factory covers 2,100 square meters, it’s equipped with dozens of machinery & testing devices, and has over 100 skilled staffs working in it, 7 production lines produce 25,000 cameras & 5,000 DVRs per month.
Main Products: Contact information
CCTV cameras: IR cameras,
weatherproof cameras,
vandalproof cameras, WDR
cameras, PTZ speed dome
cameras. IP cameras:
megapixel cameras, wireless
cameras, PoE cameras, wired
cameras. Network DVRs:
4ch/8ch/16ch DVRs
Name: Johnny Chen
Tel: 0086-20-61088233
Fax: 0086-20-61088266
Address: 1-2/F, Building B, National Software Base, Daguan Road, Tianhe Disctrict, Guangzhou,
Email: sales@aebell.com
Website: www.aebell.com
主打产品 公司介绍
监控摄象机, 网络摄象机, 硬盘
录象机, 视频矩阵, 控制键盘等
    广州美电贝尔电业科技有限公司成立于2004年,致力于研发和生产视频监控设备,监控摄象机,网络摄象机,硬盘录象机及周边设备。生产基地拥有几十台先进的生产设备和检测仪器,生产流程严格执行ISO9001:2008质量体系标准和ISO14001:2004环境管理体系标准,安防产品均已通过3C及中国公安部安全与警用电子产品质量检测中心检测,并获得了CE、FCC国际认证证书,多款产品获得实用新型专利证书。产品广泛地应用于北京奥运会、广州亚运会、机场、金融、监狱、交通、 高速公路、电力、政府公检法、港口、森林防火、教育、海关、房地产、厂矿企业、医院网络专家会诊暨示教系统等数十万个场所,出口美国、德国、日本、加拿大、英国、中东、非洲等几十个国家.
联系人: 陈彦江
电 话: 0086-20-61088288
传 真: 0086-20-610882233
地 址: 中国广州市天河区大观路国家软件产业基地B栋2楼
邮 箱: sales@aebell.com
网 址: www.aebell.com


Nanjing GuangFu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Nanjing GuangFu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2000, is one of earlier domestic manufactures that engaged in various applications of smart card solutions. Since the first Smart card terminals we researched in 2000, R & D production experienced a bar code, magnetic cards, contactless IC cards and radio frequency cards which involving all smart card applications. Now our main products include: ID / IC RF-card charges, ID / IC card RF-attendance, access control machines, IC card RF-water terminals, and other related products.
Main Products: Contact information
CCTV Camera, Intercom
System, Access Control,
Parking Management System,
electronic lock
Name: Xiao
Tel: 0086-519-89603323
Fax: 0086-519-88050679-816
Address: 101room,B building,188#, Xing Yuan Road ,Changzhou , Jiangsu
Email: acartons@126.com
Website: www.ap15.net
主打产品 公司介绍
监控设备、 楼宇对讲系统、 门禁
控制器、 停车管理系统、 电子锁
    南京光福电子科技有限公司成立于2000年,是国内较早从事各种智能卡应用解决方案的厂商之一,从2000年开发出第一台智能卡终端设备开始,产品研发生产经历了条码、磁卡、接触式IC卡、射频卡等发展过程,涉及所有的智能卡应用范围。目前主要产品有: ID/IC射频卡收费机、ID/IC射频卡考勤机、门禁机、IC射频卡水控、监控设备、对讲系统终端等系列产品,致力于为广大学校、企业、智能小区、大厦等提供适宜高效的智能卡系统解决方案。在近10年的发展历程中,公司经历了国内智能卡产品的各种转型和更新,不断地吸收国内外先进的技术和管理经验,产品已经渗入国内各个行业领域.由于业务的不断发展,公司于2003年新上二条先进的焊接和装配生产工艺线.
联系人: 肖俊年
电 话: 0519-89603323
传 真: 0519-88050679-816
地 址: 江苏省常州市星园路188号6-乙-101
邮 箱: acartons@126.com
网 址: www.ap15.net


Shenzhen Streaming Video Tech.Co.,Ltd.
Streaming Video Technology (SVT) was founded in 2002, starting with 20 employees and increase to over 300 employees now. With over 100 experienced R&D engineers, SVT specialises in the development and production of Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) and Digital Video Recorder (DVR). We offer the unique combination of hardware product R&D, software development & upgrade, production, sales support, and technical training all done in-house.
Main Products: Contact information
Standalone DVR, Mobile DVR,
Name: Kevin Liu
Tel: 0086-755-86168928
Fax: 0086-755-86168538
Address: 5F.,Block 3,Shenzhen Software Park,Hi-Tech Middle 3 Rd No.2, Shenzhen Hi-Tech
Industrial Park,Shenzhen,China.
Email: kevin@sz-streaming.com
Website: kevin@sz-streaming.com
主打产品 公司介绍
数字硬盘录像机 车载硬盘录像
机 摄像机
    深圳市锐明视讯技术有限公司(Shenzhen Streaming Video Technology )始创于2002年,是一家以音视频技术研发为核心,集研究、开发、制造、销售和系统整合于一体的国家级高新技术企业。公司位于美丽的深圳市国家级高新技术产业园区中,是深圳软件园中心园首批入园企业。公司创业9年来,锐明视讯一直重视研发投入和技术积累,拥有业内领先的核心技术和自主研发能力。目前已拥有发明专利、实用新型专利、软件著作权专利、外观专利等几十余项,在自主知识产权方面走在了行业的前沿。
联系人: 刘红茂
电 话: 0086-755-86168928
传 真: 0086-755-86168538
地 址: 深圳市南山区高新区高新中三道深圳软件园3栋5楼
邮 箱: kevin@sz-streaming.com
网 址: www.en.sz-streaming.com


Shanghai Weien Security Equipment Co.,Ltd
Shanghai WeiEn Security Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company located in KangQiao Industry District, specialized in R&D, producing and supplying metal detecting X-ray and security checking equipments. WeiEn Security has supplied the products to many courts, jails, stations, factories, museums, post offices, etc. In some big events & exhibitions, like: Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition2011)
Nationality Autonomous Region etc. "Quality comesfirst, Clients oriented, Faith is root" as our tenet, we will always provide advanced products and super services to all of our clients !
Main Products: Contact information
Handheld Metal Detector,
Walk-through Metal Detector,
X Ray Scanner Machine, Gold
Detector, Shoe Metal Detector,
Contraband and Drug Detector,
Safety Products
Name: Kiko Leung
Tel: 0086-21-68069805-612
Fax: 0086-21-68069805-618
Address: Rm806/8F,BaoKang Building NO.1100 kangqiao Road, PuDong District, Shanghai City,
Email: shanghaiweien@yahoo.com.cn
Website: www.weien.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
手持金属探测器, 安检门, X射
线安检机, 人体全方位安检系
统, 鞋底金属探测器, 电子芯片
探测器, 地下金属探测器, 警用
设备&保安器材, 违禁品检测器
联系人: 梁慧敏
电 话: 0086-21-68069805-612
传 真: 0086-21-68069805-618
地 址: 上海浦东新区康桥路1100号保康大厦806室
邮 箱: shanghaiweien@yahoo.com.cn
网 址: www.weien.com.cn


Shanghai Foready Electronic Co., Ltd.
Foready company as one of Australia’s biggest electronics manufacturers,in order to "achieve the Green homes globalization" for the enterprise vision,and always insist on creating value for customers, providing customers with the green, environmental protection, peace of mind, Excellent product’s use feeling. So far, the development of enterprises has always been around the idea “Talent is the driving force behind the development of enterprises”, using a comprehensive set of personnel selection ,training, create ways to become the company’s overall development strategy, an important component.
Main Products: Contact information
Hi-Speed Dome Camera,
Matrix, Controller
Name: Angel
Tel: 0086-21-65250099-818
Fax: 0086-21-65250099-816
Address: 4F, Building 4, No.353, Yue Xiu Rd. Shanghai. China
Email: angel@foready.com.cn
Website: www.foready.com.cn
主打产品 公司介绍
高速球 矩阵 控制键盘
    FOREADY international 是全球著名的研发、生产、销售电子安防与通信设备的高科技跨国公司。成立于1999,总部位于澳大利亚南澳州。FOREADY 长期秉承"We do just what you need"的经营理念,坚持创新从而为客户提供极具竞争优势的产品和解决方案。我们主要产品包括全系列模拟CCTV系统、全系列数字CCTV系统及解决方案。客户遍及北美、南美、欧洲、亚洲、大洋洲等30多个国家和地区。FOREADY 在悉尼、台湾、美国设有代表处和产品服务中心,提供从产品介绍、系统咨询、技术培训到项目设计、系统集成、售后保证等全方位服务。2004年,FOREADY进驻中国安防市场,把生产基地搬迁至中国上海,并在上海成立“上海有备电子有限公司”。
联系人: 崔晓梅
电 话: 0086-21-65250099*818
传 真: 0086-21-65250099*816
地 址: 上海市粤秀路353号3号楼4楼
邮 箱: angel@foready.com.cn
网 址: www.foready.com.cn


Starbest Technology (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd
Shenzhen StarBest Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional in video surveillance industry, wireline, wirelessdigital audio and video transmission technology R & D, we are specialy in high-tech research, production, selling, service. Our main products are home wireless digital series (Intelligent wireless digital receiver transmitter video camera, mini camera); Cable Engineering Camera Series ( Dome Camera, Gun- style camera, integrated camera); network camera series; car parking and video surveillance camera series peripheral equipment series.
Main Products: Contact information
Wireless digital audio/video
transmission systems
Name: Zou xing
Tel: 0086-755-33045327
Fax: 0086-755-33045326
Address: Shenzhen baoan district HuaTing road 180 tidal wave back to floor, third floor. Two
building science
Email: jinxing@starbest.com.cn
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主打产品 公司介绍
无线数字影音传输监控系统     深圳市劲星科技有限公司是专业从事数字无线音视频传输技术的音视频监控產品研发、生產、销售及售后服务的高科技企业。同时也承接OEM加工,为客户量身订做自己特色的安防产品,欢迎广大客户来电洽谈。公司从创办以来,致力於成為数字无线音视频监控行业的领跑者,数字无线音视频监控整体解决方案提供者。公司主要產品有: 数字无线影音传输系统的音视频监控產品; 家用数字无线系列(智能化无线数字接收发射摄像机、微型摄像机);数字无线工程摄像机系列 (半球摄像机、枪式摄像机、一体化摄像机);数字无线网络摄像机系列;数字无线楼宇对讲系列;数字无线汽车倒车摄像机系列以及视频监控的周边器材系列。產品已通过CE/FCC等国际產品认证,并拥有多项国际国内发明、实用新型和外观专利。
联系人: 邹星
电 话: 0086-755-33045327
传 真: 0086-755-33045326
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10Moons Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Established in 1996, 10moons Technology Development Co. Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing of surveillance products e.g. cctv cameras, DVR, DVR cards. Here at 10moons Technology, our goal is to consistently be one of the top manufacturers worldwide in each of our product categories. We will continouslly introduce new and innovative products in the security fields.
Main Products: Contact information
Name: Mr Aaron
Tel: 0086-13680898420
Fax: 0086-752-2677931
Address: 6/F Building A, 10moons Technology Park, No.6 Hechang Road,
Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong, China
Website: WWW.10MOONS.NET
主打产品 公司介绍
    天敏科技成立于20世纪90年代, 是专业从事视频监控产品研究、开发、生产和销售的高科技企业。公司的主要产品线包括: 监控摄像机、数字视频录像机、视频采集卡等等。天敏科技多年来一直保持着高速发展的状态,公司产品在国内外市场都有很高的市场占有率,产品现已销往全球100多个国家和地区。2004-2009年,天敏品牌连续多年获得了《电脑报》、《微型计算机》颁发的“市场占有率第一品牌”、“读者首选品牌”等多项荣誉。2004年,天敏科技在同行业中率先通过了ISO9001: 2008认证、ROHS等认证体系,标志着公司已具备了规范化、标准化、系统化的管理水平。
联系人: 陈先生
电 话: 0086-13680898420
传 真: 0086-0752-2677931
地 址: 广东省惠州市仲恺高新区和畅六路天敏科技园 A栋6楼